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Experience Eastern Long Island's Lighthouse Heritage

Eastern Long Island, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich maritime history, is dotted with iconic lighthouses that serve as windows to the past. These beacons, set against the stunning vistas of the Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay, offer navigation aid and tales of heroism, lore, and the area's deep-rooted connection to the sea. For those drawn to the allure of these historical landmarks, Eastern Long Island presents a journey of discovery and beauty.


The lighthouses of Eastern Long Island are more than just picturesque structures; they are monuments of maritime history, each with its own unique story. Visitors can immerse themselves in these historic beacons' rich tales and scenic beauty. From the towering presence of the Montauk Point Lighthouse to the serene elegance of the Horton Point Lighthouse, each site is a chapter in the vast narrative of Long Island's maritime saga.


Exploring at Your Leisure: A Flexible Approach to Lighthouse Discovery


Several options are available for exploring these historic beacons, including self-guided tours. While the Cross-Sound Ferry offers unique tours with views of numerous lighthouses, visitors staying at The Shoals can plan their exploration and make spontaneous detours to discover hidden gems.


A Journey Through Light and Legacy


The quest to explore Eastern Long Island's lighthouses is more than a sightseeing venture; it's an intimate encounter with the region's maritime legacy and architectural grandeur set against the backdrop of natural beauty. Opting for a flexible approach to your exploration allows for a richer, more personal experience, uncovering the stories and sights at your rhythm.


Choosing The Shoals Suites and Slips as your home base offers the perfect blend of exploration and relaxation. Here, the adventure of discovering Eastern Long Island's historic lighthouses merges with the luxury and calm of waterfront accommodation. Whether captivated by the history of these maritime beacons, the charm of Eastern Long Island or simply seeking a peaceful escape, The Shoals provides an unmatched setting for your journey. Plan your exploration of Eastern Long Island's lighthouses today and anchor your adventure with a stay at The Shoals, where luxury meets discovery.


Eastern Long Island's shores are dotted with historic lighthouses, each beaconing to those fascinated by the region's maritime heritage and picturesque landscapes. These lighthouses not only serve as navigational aids but also as monuments to Long Island's rich history and culture. Below is a list of some of the most famous lighthouses in the area, providing a glimpse into their past and showing you how you can experience their timeless allure.


Orient Point Lighthouse: Visible from the beach or aboard the New London Ferry, this privately owned lighthouse sits in Plum Gut, Long Island Sound. While you can't tour it, Orient County Park offers outdoor activities like biking and kayaking.


Long Beach Bar "Bug" Lighthouse (Greenport): Only seen from the water, this symbol of maritime culture marks the sandbar between Orient Harbor and Gardiner’s Bay. Access is through Bug Light Cruise by the East End Seaport Museum or a private boat.


Plum Island Lighthouse: Located on Plum Island's tip, this lighthouse is visible from the Cross Sound Ferry. It's not accessible to the public, but nearby Orient Point County Park is ideal for family outdoor activities.


Cedar Island Lighthouse (Sag Harbor): Established in 1839 and now decommissioned, this lighthouse offers scenic hiking at Cedar Point Beach. It's a peaceful spot reflecting Sag Harbor's whaling history.


Montauk Lighthouse (Montauk): The state's oldest lighthouse, authorized by George Washington in 1792, is operational and open for tours during the warmer months, situated in Montauk State Park.


Horton Point Lighthouse (Southold): Constructed in 1857, this 58-foot-tall lighthouse features a nautical museum in the Keeper’s House, open to the public seasonally. The Southold Historical Society maintains it.


Latimer Reef Lighthouse: Named after Revolutionary War Patriot James Latemore, this active lighthouse in Fishers Island Sound is viewable by boat or during Cross Sound Ferry cruises, though not open to the public.


Little Gull Island Lighthouse: This privately owned lighthouse between Great Gull Island and Fishers Island is accessible for viewing from the water, enhancing any boating or ferry trip.


North Dumpling Lighthouse: Located on North Dumpling Island off Fishers Island, this lighthouse offers views from the water, perfect for a tranquil day of exploration.


Race Rock Lighthouse: Positioned at the meeting point of Long Island Sound and Block Island Sound currents, it's visible from a boat or Cross Sound Ferry. Interior tours are unavailable, but it is a key landmark for sea activities.


Each lighthouse tells a story of Eastern Long Island's maritime past, blending historical intrigue and natural beauty. While exploring these historic beacons, consider staying at The Shoals Suites and Slips. Ideally located for your lighthouse exploration, The Shoals provides a luxurious retreat on the shores of the majestic Peconic Bay, making it the ideal base for your adventures. Visit The Shoals Suites and Slips to book your stay and embark on a journey through time, light, and legacy along the shores of Eastern Long Island.

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